The BodyTalk System

We are all familiar with the healing process that is automatically initiated when a person cuts a finger. The body “knows” and coordinates what is needed. “BodyTalk”, a system developed by Dr. John Veltheim in the early 1990's, is based on the principle that our bodies have an innate wisdom that knows how to heal ourselves at all levels.

When one experiences ongoing stress, the energetic circuits of the body overload, causing the bodymind to function in a less than ideal state. This ultimately leads to degeneration, illness and pain throughout the body. We "talk" to the body via a muscular checking technique to identify and address the unique set of physical, emotional and environmental factors affecting one’s health and well-being.



Everyone can benefit from BodyTalk sessions. It can be used as a stand alone system to address many health issues, or it can be seamlessly integrated into any healthcare approach to increase its effectiveness. BodyTalk has been used to:

  • Resolve stress-related conditions such as: pains, anxiety, depression, digestive & endocrine disorders, fatigue, headaches, viruses, allergies, etc. 
  • Promote general health maintenance and preventative care
  • Optimize performance results for athletes, students, executives, professionals 
  • Accelerate the body’s healing processes and shorten recovery time from injuries, surgeries and illnesses
  • Address the underlying factors associated with cravings and addictions 
  • Facilitate cognitive development and the brain’s ability to self-repair from injury or trauma, including autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities.



We begin with a discussion of your health status and any issue you wish to address. As BodyTalk practitioners, we neither diagnose illness or disease nor prescribe medications.  

During a session, we use a comprehensive protocol of questions and a “Muscle Checking” technique to identify the priorities needed to restore health and balance in the quickest and most effective way. In re-synchronizing the links, your head is lightly tapped to register the link, then the heart complex is tapped to store and integrate the new information. 

In this way, your body's Innate Wisdom is stimulated to balance and heal itself. Just as the body heals a wound with a particular sequence of chemical reactions, the body wants to address all healing in a certain order. At the end of the session, your Innate Wisdom will indicate if and when you may need to return for a follow-up session. 



There is no pre-determined number of sessions. Each person is unique and will have different requirements as to how frequently he/she will benefit from BodyTalk sessions. In some cases, people will gain immediate improvement and need only 3-5 sessions to achieve their goal. People who have long-standing physical or emotional conditions may need more sessions. Many people follow a “4-6 weeks” health maintenance routine after the initial reason for seeking BodyTalk had been addressed. 

We offer BodyTalk sessions to both human and animal clients.


For more information, visit these websites:

International BodyTalk Association:

No. California BodyTalk Association: 

“Joy is a return to the deep harmony of body, mind, and spirit that was yours at birth and that can be yours again.”
— Deepak Chopra
          With Dr. John Veltheim

          With Dr. John Veltheim

What people say:

I consulted Sandi for a BodyTalk session to help me with mild pain in my lower back. During the session, she asked if my wrist hurt. I have lived with persistent wrist pain for several years, and it was bothering me more than usual. After the session, not only did my back feel better, but the pain in my wrist completely disappeared and has not recurred. I can't tell enough people about how much BodyTalk has helped me with both my physical and emotional health.