TAT Training & Certification

If you are interested in gaining the depth of knowledge and experience with TAT to assist your friends, family, clients and self to effectively help heal allergies, traumas, negative beliefs, emotional aspects of physical illness and much more, you may want to participate in the TAT certification program.

There are two certification levels, one for using TAT with others (TAT Professional) and one for teaching TAT to others (TAT Trainer). You don't need any additional licenses or degrees in order to be certified by TATLife. However, certification is not guaranteed simply by completing the certification program. A person's presence, understanding, skill and ethics are all important considerations.

We conduct training in “TAT Basics” and also provide “Mentoring” for people seeking certification as a TAT Professional in order to be able to use TAT in a professional therapeutic setting. 


TAT Basics Workshop

In this 10-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • What TAT is
  • How TAT works
  • Why do TAT
  • The Components of tAT
  • Using TAT in specific situations
  • Method variations
  • How to be a good TAT practitioner



We are available to mentor you as you progress through the TAT Professional Certification process. We will answer your questions and help you learn to use TAT with skill and presence. This could include:

  • Reviewing "Mentoring Topics for Certification"
  • Discuss the "Essential Points for Professionals"
  • Review your case studies on sessions you do with others
  • Evaluate TAT sessions you do with a client
  • Conduct TAT sessions with you

Please contact us for more information about the “TAT Basics Workshop” and “Mentoring” support.

For more information on certification requirements, go to TAT Certification.

             The TAT Pose

             The TAT Pose

What people say:

Sandi is very patient in teaching and coaching me through the TAT process. Her presence and listening skills facilitated my being comfortable in using this approach.
~Mary Jo, IT Manager