BodyTalk Access

This class is for everyone and is easy to learn. BodyTalk Access is not only a great self-care regimen, but it is an excellent health care tool that can be used at home, at work and in your community. 

In just 6 hours, you will learn a set of 5 simple, yet powerful techniques that you can do in 10 minutes on yourself and others to:

  • Reduce stress and pain 
  • Improve mental focus & learning abilities
  • Strengthen immune system to manage colds, flu and allergies
  • Enhance posture and physical performance
  • Apply a miraculous first-aid technique for injuries and pain

All students will be shown how to do the Access techniques on themselves as well as on others. Supervised practice time is an important component in this class.

Please contact us for more information and class schedule.


What people say:

The first time I used these techniques was to reduce symptoms of the stomach flu – it worked! Then I used them before and after my husband’s knee surgery. He recovered faster and experienced less pain than everyone expected.
~Peggy, math educator