At first I was skeptical about what BodyTalk could actually do for me. I was having pain in my hips and couldn't stand for more than 2 minutes max. After one session with Sandi my pain was gone! I thought for sure it would come back, but it hasn't and it has been over a year. She has since helped me with a number of issues related to my health with the same wonderful results. She is a great healer and brings an energy to healing that I have never encountered before. I highly recommend her to all my friends and family as well as anyone else. ~Gracie


The remote session of Body Talk was absolutely AMAZING! The depth of the experience brought back memories I did not know were still clinging, and released them. I was impressed by your immediate selection of important negative periods in my life which were still alive in my energy field, and by the clearing which resulted, leaving me entirely at peace. Your abilities are terrific, wish I could advertise them to others! I’m so grateful for the whole healing experience, thank you!  ~Elizabeth, Pacifica, CA


When I sought help from Sandi, I was a professional dancer with a foot injury that had lasted six months. Not being able to dance was creating frustration and worry. Although the orthopedist had assured me that it would get better, there was no predictable time frame for that to happen. Sandi's calm, understanding presence was a tremendous help to me. I had therapeutic sessions with Sandi in which she helped me to heal from the inside out. I felt better each time. I became more trusting and calmer. I could feel myself reorganize and refocus my energy. I am certain that these sessions contributed greatly to my ability to return to performing. ~ Leslie, dancer


I have worked with Sandi, both in person and remotely by phone, over the course of the past two years. Her coaching and Body Talk is some of the most powerful, transformational and life-changing work I've ever done. ~Betty


Working with Sandra and BodyTalk has changed me in profound ways. I have no idea how or why it works, but I do know that it is the reason I was able to recover from a difficult time. I don't know where I'd be without her help, and I am so grateful to have found her. ~Sarah, college student.

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