Sandi guided me through Tapas Acupressure Technique to help me let go of bitterness and sadness in past relationships so that I could move forward and apply a positive approach to both these relationships, as well as future ones.  She did all this in simple energy-work sessions without ever asking me to divulge the details.  I just felt better, happier, free. ~Susan, San Mateo, CA


TAT is amazing. It helped me get over a problem that had plagued me for years. Working with Sandi and TAT was the quickest and most helpful method of healing I've ever experienced. ~L.B., Burbank, CA.


I was in an unhappy relationship and TAT helped me find the courage to move on. After my session with Sandi I was able to think clearly and break my emotional attachment.  It wasn't easy - and I didn't do it right away. I kept practicing what Sandi showed me and it all clicked for me one day. I have forgiven him and the surrounding situations, and I now feel at peace.  ~S.M., Menlo Park, CA


TAT reduced my fear of flying, showed me a relaxation technique so that I easily fall to sleep, and helped me focus on a specific problem and the eventual solution. ~Pamela, Portola Valley, CA

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