After we went through my issues, Teresa decided on a course of therapy using several different techniques. She combines the use of Body Talk, Reiki and sound healing that had an amazing effect on my body.  By the end of the session, I felt completely relaxed and no tension.  I don't understand how all these techniques work together, but the results were quite dramatic! ~KC, Marketing Manager


I love the sound healing sessions. It makes me feel calm, relaxed, like a total energy tune-up. I usually sleep really well after these sessions. ~Sandy, HR Manager


When I go to these concerts, it's such a treat! I can get to a place of being calm and peaceful. I feel like I am able to handle big projects for myself at work and in my personal life with more confidence. ~SV, small business owner


What an extraordinary gift it was to be part of the Sound Healing and Labyrinth walk!  Walking the sacred path with the intention of healing, and feeling the waves of sound and energy emanating from the bowls was an amazing experience.  The labyrinth has been part of my life for many years, and it was wonderful to discover this fresh way of approaching the Path.  I look forward to the next one! ~Rev. Dawn Peters

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