Sandi and Teresa were my introduction to Reiki and energy healing. I was impressed with their knowledge and experience. They were articulate with great energy and presence. Their teaching, commitment, and hands-on approach were very productive. ~D. Ng, Medical Assistant


Sandi and Teresa’s Reiki class has been a wonderful and effortless learning experience. It was practical and methodical but yet easy to learn. ~R.S.

Sandi is wonderful and was a perfect fit as my Reiki teacher since her teaching style was practical, step-by-step and hands on.  I've completed both Reiki I and II with her.  She has the classes well organized, the days flowed nicely and did not seem overwhelming.  I definitely feel that I was "activated" by Sandi, and I use Reiki on a daily basis either for myself, family/friends and the environment.  On several occasions, other Reiki practitioners have told me that they "felt" my Reiki energy before I even said I practiced.  I would highly recommend Sandi to anybody who was interested in Reiki.  ~A. Kingery


I really enjoyed Sandra’s class. She is a very clear communicator, and the class size was small, so we all got individual attention. And throughout the day, we got to experience giving our classmates Reiki sessions. That was such an important part of the class for me. I was able to feel varying levels of energy from the subject I was working on. I have continued to use Reiki almost daily on myself. ~Patti


Reiki is relaxing and calming! After learning Reiki, I do it to help me calm down, especially in dealing with my little annoying sister. ~Melody, 8 years old

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