After my Reiki/Body Talk sessions, I feel completely relaxed. I go in there feeling stressed and worried, but when I leave it feels like all the negative energy has left my body and I am left feeling peaceful, relaxed and at ease, and feel that way well into the next few days.  ~Rebecca, grad student


Reiki really helps me unwind and takes my stress away. It is very relaxing and energizing and relieves all the tension. After a Reiki session, I always feel better. ~Debbie, medical assistant


I met with Sandi last week for my first Reiki session ever.  I didn't know what to expect, but Sandi was very kind and answered all my questions.  When she was done, I felt so much lighter and more peaceful.  I definitely will go back to see Sandi again! ~Christine, San Mateo


After the first Reiki session, my tension headache was gently evaporated with the warmth sensation. I loved Reiki so much that I decided that I and my children should take Reiki Level I class, and we all did. Now Reiki becomes a part of my routine activities and is a wonderful tool in protecting and relaxing me. ~M.L., Photographer

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