More Examples of "Physical Issues"

Stiff Shoulder

In the last year, Tina was becoming more frustrated with her difficulty in doing her weekly exercise routine. She had limited range of motion in her left shoulder, was often out of breath, feeling tired and annoyed.

At the end of her first session, Tina was amazed at the immediate improvement in her range of motion. Before the first session, she would start to feel tightness and pain in her left arm/shoulder as she raised her left arm close to the level of her left shoulder. After the session, she could easily raise her left arm straight up over her head without tension or pain.

In subsequent sessions, we worked on improving her respiratory system, letting go of emotionally charged memories of unsuccessful relationships, critical bosses, judgment from family members, and “past mistakes” she made. In addition, she released the grief of losing her favorite pet, and the belief of “not being good enough”. After six sessions, Tina was also able to breathe more fully, feel more energized, less depressed, and less critical about the people and world around her.


Now I Can See!

A ten-year old boy woke up one February morning with vision so blurry that he couldn't read. A few days later, Johnny said his vision turned upside down, and then he lost the ability to see any color!

Exams by a neuro-opthamologist, neurologist and acupuncturist gave no answers. After spending a month in bed, Johnny started to have gait imbalance, sudden vision and hearing loss. When his mother contacted me, he had been taken to see a neurologist/pediatrician, a psychologist, an infectious disease specialist, and a cognitive behavioral therapist.

Johnny had been out of school for 4 months. At his first session with me, in addition to his vision issue, he also complained of having chest pain/congestion, headaches, pain in right forearm, hands, both calves and lower legs, difficulty in sleepy, feeling anxious and at times talked about hurting himself.

After his first session, his mother reported that he fell asleep easily that night and slept well for the first time in a long time. After the second session, Johnny felt no more pain in his forearm & hand, and the pain in his legs was considerably reduced. His vision was more upright, but still tilted. At the end of the 4th session, all pain in his arm & legs were gone. Though a little blurry, Johnny was able to see upright and in color! At the end of the 6th session, his eyes cleared completely, and he said he was able to see normally. He was now interested and excited to return to school, and had no more thoughts of hurting himself.

BodyTalk was able to help Johnny on multiple levels: physical, emotional and mental. Themes of treatments included:

  • Improved nerve circulation behind eyes
  • Full optimization of the optic nerve
  • Improved flow of liver meridian
  • Balancing the bladder meridian which was affected by the inability to express his frustrations and/or anger about not wanting to do something
  • Reduce stresses, anxiety and pressure when preparing for and performing in piano recital/evaluation
  • Fear of criticism, judgment, disappointing parents/teachers
  • Releasing the belief that “to do your best” meant “have to BE the best”. 


Stomach Distress

Henry, had a long-standing problem with stomach problem during his teenage years and throughout college. From morning to early afternoons, Henry was unable to eat anything without experiencing nausea. Frustrated and worried, his father scheduled a BodyTalk session for him.

During his sessions, Henry discovered that working in a job that he hated, not following his passion, and resenting the role of being the "responsible one" in the family affected his digestive issues.  After his third session, Henry began enjoying morning meals for the first time in five years. 

His parents were ready to spend over $6,000 to get him exhaustively tested at the Nevada Clinic. They were extremely happy that BodyTalk saved them much time and expense while producing amazing results.

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