More Examples of "Personalized Coaching"

A Go-getter Dynamo

Maria, a dynamic self-starter, loves her engineering work and is passionate about helping women succeed in this field. However, being fairly new to her company and inexperienced in the aerospace industry, Maria did not know how to maneuver through the organization politics or to gain positive visibility for her contributions.

In her coaching sessions, we targeted ways to gain positive visibility, improve her self presentation skills, network with key stakeholders and mentors, and more effectively manage her time among work, graduate school and involvement in professional and community organizations. Ten months later, Maria was promoted to a new position with more responsibilities. Subsequent to that, she was recruited to a management position with a 20% increase in pay.


Work/Life Growth & Balance

Shirley, a small business owner, felt that her business was moving at a slower pace than desired. At the same time, she was seeking to have more work/life balance. She wanted a coach to help her strategize, brainstorm, prioritize, focus and provide feedback.

Working together, she developed her long term vision, strategies and goals which included both business and personal objectives. She articulated the distinguishing features of her business and approach, identified specific ways to widen her network and gain visibility, explored several different business models, counseled on how to deal with a difficult colleague, structured her time to ensure quality time with family, and selected an area for personal learning. When we reviewed her plan a year later, she was thrilled that “not only were all the goals met, but the results were exponential.”


Ready to Retire?

Ellen, a well-respected Senior Research Director in her 60’s, wanted to explore options for her next step in life. She likes her current job and is in an enviable position of financially being able to retire within the next two years. At the same time, she was offered a bigger and more responsible position to lead a technology effort. So what next? What does she really want to do?

During her coaching sessions, she crafted a vision of how she wants to spend the next ten years before fully retiring from any work projects. She confirmed what she is passionate about, how she wants to contribute to her field and the world, and the legacy she wants to leave behind. Being a mentor to others, especially female engineers and scientists, and continuing to practice in spiritual ways, are critical to her sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. By integrating all the aspects that are important to her, Ellen examined the pros and cons of each option presented to her and decided on what she was going to do for the next two years.

Ellen chose to remain in her current position and agreed to help the technology effort get started as a temporary assignment. She also identified specific ways to mentor younger professionals, both males and females, both within the company as well as in external professional associations. Ellen also identified ways to strengthen her professional network so that she can move into consulting work before fully retiring. She and her husband continued to review their financial portfolio and further invest as appropriate. They made plans to travel to places they had always wanted to visit. She also became more active in her church community.

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