More Examples of "Emotional Stress"

Panicking at Work

Eduardo, a Financial Analyst in his late 30's was feeling very anxious at work. Interacting with or making presentations to upper management and external investors caused him great anxiety. He felt very awkward in most of his social interactions. Frequently, he experienced numbing headache sensations, tightness in his right shoulder, lower back pain, sweaty forehead, and dry throat. Eduardo was feeling desperate for some relief.

By the end of his second session, his back and shoulder pain decreased, and he was feeling less anxious.  After five sessions, Eduardo said he felt that he could more successfully manage his work anxiety. He was catching himself before shifting into a panic mode or a "doom and gloom" feeling. He was more conscious in using new techniques to keep from feeling anxious. He was more at ease at work and also less concerned about needing to entertain his friends and be the "life of the party". He felt more able to listen, relax, and enjoy himself.


Car Accident Trauma

Betty was traumatized when her car was rear-ended while driving on a freeway. While not seriously injured physically, she did experience a whiplash and felt sore all over. Her neck and the right side of her body were very tight. Afterward, she was afraid to drive, especially on the freeway. She felt anxious and agitated most days.

After just the first session, Betty felt more relaxed. By the fourth session, Betty said she was “back to her old self”. During her sessions, we combined techniques of BodyTalk, Reiki, Craniosacral Fascia Therapy to reduce stress on her adrenals & kidneys, diminish her panic and fear about getting hurt or dying, release tension in various areas of the connective tissue, and clear emotionally charged memories of previous times of hospitalization.


Preparing for Surgery

Carol was extremely anxious about her upcoming hip replacement surgery. She had tried hypnosis, meditation, massage, and acupuncture to help calm her nerves, but none of these helped. She wanted to try BodyTalk and was curious about what it could do for her.

Carol had 2 sessions to prepare her bodymind for the surgery. She was surprised how relaxed she felt after just one session. She discovered that much of her nervousness was fear of hospitals, along with some sadness about a previous medical procedure that she had that did not go as planned. She was also afraid that her expectations for the upcoming surgery would not be met. After the second session, Carol said she felt calmer and ready for her upcoming surgery.

Carol reported the surgery went well, and she felt very relaxed waking up from recovery. She received one more BodyTalk session the day after to help her recovery. She only had to take her prescribed pain medication for one day, and then only took Tylenol as needed. She was sleeping well. Carol was released from the hospital earlier than expected and soon afterward started physical therapy.

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