I feel so fortunate to have worked with Sandi Wong! I see Sandi for advice for both career and personal growth. Sandi was able to quickly grasp the heart of the issues after a short description on my part during our first session. Then she took immediate action to advise and develop strategies and homework for me. She is confident, grounded and personable. She is a wonderful coach because of who she is and the rich amount of experience she has from her past work. I give Sandi my highest recommendation!  ~ Annie Wang


For someone like me who prides herself in being fiercely independent, working with Sandi has convinced me that it's not only OK to ask for help but that confiding in her as my trusted personal coach is critical to my continued personal development and growth. ~Susan Carino, Sr. Project Manager


I have utilized the coaching services of Sandra Wong for 25 years, first as a Peer Coach while we worked as a management team in Ford AeroSpace, and for over 10 years as a professional coach while I was the Manager of Employee Development for Space Systems/Loral. I also utilized her services during my transition into my semi-retirement. Sandra is an exceptional coach and human being. She is highly skilled and compassionate. She is effective with all levels of an organization as well as with individuals. If you desire growth as a professional and human being and you work with Dr. Wong, you will be clear about what your intentions are and be supported in achieving them. ~Georgia

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