Several of the cats you've worked with have shown a marked change in their level of tension after the sessions.  Big Buddy is a cat who ran when approached, and the changes are especially noticeable. In the last week, he has stayed in one place, accepted treats and allowed petting.  Cisco and Daisy, two feral cats, have been less agitated and more comfortable with people.  The five kittens in the nursery cage stopped crouching in the back, and they come forward for food.  These changes were noticed in the days after your sessions. ~Kathy, Nine Lives Foundation


Brookie is doing great! No more limping. She seems very happy and content. I have been doing Reiki for her. It is so funny, every time I sit to do Reiki with her, my other cat comes running for her Reiki too. Thanks again to you and Teresa for the session and follow up. ~Mary Jayne


Thank you so much for all your help. Daisy was very peaceful and relaxed at the vet (when she made her transition). I feel more at peace that it was time and she is not in pain now. Her message makes me cry though. My friend buried her in the backyard next to where her dogs are buried. Thank you so much again for your support. ~Maria, Berkeley, CA


Both my dog Tia Maria and cat Sara received sessions. Tia Maria’s incessant barking calmed down after one session, and I could better understand what she needed when our family was going through a major transition. Sara released guilt and grief about her littermate Max’s passing. She calmed down so that she wasn’t as reactive when chased by Tia Maria. We are all delighted with these wonderful results! ~Vanessa


My adopted rescue bunny was really timid and feisty, scared of even receiving affection.  Over time, we made great strides in socializing him, and he now lives cage-free in the upstairs of our home, litter-trained and loving attention! However, he still becomes extremely agitated and scared when he has to be picked up. When Sandi gave him Reiki, I felt his energy shift and his heart rate slowed down. He became so relaxed he almost fell asleep!  There was a dramatic change in him after the treatment. He was calm and willing to receive all kinds of attention. ~Kay

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